Green Pendant Lights

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Memories Series | Green, Orange and Black


Imagine walking into a room and casting a glance at the appealing design of the Memories Series! Crafted using high-quality materials, the Memories Series is a very elegant light fixture that is sure to make an impact in any space. This pendant light comes in Green, Orange, …

Eros Pendant Light | Classic Series in Aluminium, Blue, Green, Orange, Red


The EROS Pendant Light features big curves and beautiful bold colours. It makes a loud statement, whether it’s featured in a home, office or workplace setting. Crafted from high quality aluminium metals, it is finished off with a high gloss shiny finishing. …

Erato Pendant Light | Classic Series in Aluminium, Blue, Green, Matte Black, Orange and Red


Create an instant impact and make a bold colour statement with the ERATO pendant light. The curved design mimics that of an upside down wine glass however this beauty is crafted from a sturdy metal coated with a high gloss solid colour …