Floor Lamps

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The BIOR Floor Lamp is a simple but beautiful and elegant floor light. It features a simple wooden base design with a contrasting darker lamp shade.  It would make a great floor lamp to illuminate a lounge, office or workspace …

Fiesa Floor Lmap


The FIESA Floor Lamp comes with a simple but a stylish design.

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Goe Floor Lamp | Pencil Dark


The GOE Floor Lamp is a simple and a delicate design

Meana Floor Lamp


The MEANA series comes in similar designs as both standing and table lamps.

Shepa Floor Lamp


The Shepa Floor Lamp is beautifully constructed design with a solid stand and a solid base.

Walden Floor Lamp


The Walden Floor Lamp is a unique floor light with a modern twist.



The DION Floor Lamp features a beautiful wooden stand and solid wooden base with a lighter coloured fabric light shade that contrasts the whole piece. This piece would make the perfect floor light to illuminate a lounge, office or workspace area and would stand …



The SOPHUS series comes in similar designs as both standing and table lamps. Given their simple but stylish designs, these two lights can easily find a home in most living and office spaces. Both lights feature a uniquely designed steel frame with …